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Thank you for considering me for your next rosary purchase. HillTop Rosaries was started in 2018 to help with the new Catholic evangelization.

Our Mission

Our mission at Hilltop Rosaries is inspiring men, women, girls and boys to pray the rosary everyday with more sincerity, humility and fullness of heart.

My Story

Hi I’m Zsareina, and I started HillTop Rosaries in 2018 after the discovery of Rosary making brought me back to life. In 2014, I graduated from university with a BFA in Graphic Design, but in 2016, only two years after starting a new career path I lost everything. A rare sickness called Intracranial Hypertension damage my optic nerve and my retina. It left me with more than half my eye sight gone and some color loss. I lost my lively hood and my dreams. Until I discovered Rosary making. Using my remaining sight, I began bending and crimping wire around the beads that I found at near craft and bead shops. As I slowly built my Rosary making skills, I began to rebuild my life.

It’s a difficult story to share why I was inspired to start rosary making but after becoming visually impaired I started collecting Rosaries and learning more about my catholic faith. After reading Rome sweet Home I was inspired by Scott Huhns story of starting over. I thought if he could start over; so could I. I tried to think of what I could do to help with the new Catholic evangelization. I had always loved the rosary and sadly to this day I think it is one of the most misunderstood catholic disciplines. I hope in my small way I can help change people misconceptions around the rosary.


During my journey to learn more about my catholic faith I was inspired by many different people and books. Below is a short list of people, books, shows I found helpful.

  1. Rediscovering Catholicism by Mathew Kelly (book)
  2. Marcus Grodi, Journey Home (TV Show) I watched many episodes on YouTube
  3. Rome Sweet Home by Scott Huhn (book) and his lecture I watched on YouTube
  4. Upon this Rock by Steven Ray and his lecture I watched on YouTube
  5. Father David Bible Study series at St. Micheals Catholic Church
  6. Catholic Answers (TV) watched on YouTube
  7. Ascension Presents (YouTube Show)
  8. Matt Fradd Show (YouTube Show)
  9. Fr. Mark Goring (YouTube Show)
  10. Fr. John Hollowell (YouTube Show)
  11. Robert Haddad (Youtube Show)
  12. Sensus Fidelium (Youtube Show) 

As I continue to learn and grow in my faith I will add more resources to this list. If you don’t already know of these resources I hope this is helpful for you on your own journey home or back home to the Holy Apostolic Catholic Church.

Thank you! and May GOD Bless You

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